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Naperville native davide tomei releases first feature-length film

NCTV 17 | 07.17.2018

“It was about 30 seconds into the pitch that it was like ‘yeah, I’m in, I can’t say no to this.’”

That’s how Neuqua Valley Graduate Davide Tomei responded when he was approached in late 2015 to help co-produce “Unconditional,” an independent, feature-length film that released recently on Amazon Video.

At the time, he was still an undergraduate student at SIU Carbondale. But that didn’t stop him from diving right in.

SIU student-made film releasing on Amazon

Daily Egyptian | 06.26.2018

The Southern Illinois University student-made film, “Unconditional”, will be released June 28 on Amazon for world-wide viewing.

The mystery film will be available to rent for $2.99, purchase for $9.99 and is free for Amazon prime customers.

The story follows a seemingly perfect family; Adam Ward, played by Jeff Armstrong, and Evelyn Ward, played by Rae Hunt, are celebrating 15 years of marriage and have a 16-year-old daughter, played by Matlyn Rybak, who was an SIU student. Things begin to change when Evelyn turns up dead and Adam, frustrated with the fruitless police investigation, decides to take matters into his own hands.

2016 SIU graduate and the film’s writer, director and cinematographer, Braden Barton, started the project for his senior thesis, planning for it to be a short film.  

Check out the full interview here: https://dailyegyptian.com/84888/features/siu-student-made-film-releasing-on-amazon/


Positively Naperville | 06.27.2018

Unconditional is a 98-minute feature film about love and the human condition, written and directed by Braden Barton and co-produced by Davide Tomei and Molly Esling. Unconditional is set to be released on June 28, 2018, on Amazon Prime.

Co-Producer Tomei hails from Naperville and the halls of Neuqua Valley High School where he was involved with two choirs, the school newspaper and the football team. He says he learned his senior year, especially, to appreciate the fine arts program that School District 204 supports.

Check out the full interview here: https://www.positivelynaperville.com/2018/06/27/producer-from-naperville-is-set-for-first-feature-film-to-premier-on-amazon-prime-june-28/89729

Oregon native's film will premiere on Amazon Thursday

WREX-13 - Rockford, IL | 06.25.2018


A film directed by a man from our area gets a big platform for the premiere. It will be on Amazon.

Braden Barton is from Oregon and he wrote and directed "Unconditional."  It's a feature-length film about a man and his daughter searching searching for answers after the man's wife turns up dead.

You can watch the thriller on Amazon starting Thursday.

Here is the full synopsis of the film: When a loving, idyllic wife suspiciously turns up dead, her husband Adam's desperate need for justification coupled with daughter Mary's bitter resentment leads them on a search for answers. On this emotionally explosive journey, they uncover the truth about a wife and mother who led a dual life of sex, drugs, and underground clubs for decades - and how they can continue on in life without her.

Naperville native's film to be released on Amazon in July

The Naperville Sun | 06.14.2018

A feature-length film produced by a Naperville native will be released on Amazon in July.

Davide Tomei was a college student at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale when he worked on “Unconditional,” a mystery drama about a woman who turns up dead, leaving her husband and daughter to search for answers.

Check out the full interview here: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/naperville-sun/news/ct-nvs-naperville-film-producer-st-0615-story.html

Meet the team behind the movie "unconditional" 

Occhi Magazine | 08.19.2017

“Unconditional” is a feature-length film written & directed by Braden Barton and produced by Davide Tomei and Molly Esling.

Adam and Evelyn Ward are celebrating fifteen years of marriage when Evelyn turns up dead, leaving Adam and their 16-year-old daughter, Mary, emotionally lost. Mary’s resentment paired with Adam’s desperate need for justification leads them on the search for answers, but as Adam delves deeper into the mystery surrounding his wife’s death, he starts to unravel after uncovering her dual-life style of sex, hard drugs, and underground clubs. On this destructive journey, they are forced to question what in life is truly worth fighting for, hopefully before it’s too late.

We had an opportunity to speak with Braden and Davide about their new film “Unconditional.” Check out the interview here: https://occhimagazine.com/meet-the-team-behind-the-movie-unconditional/

 Braden Barton & Zach Green man the camera, blocking the shot for Jeff Armstrong and Bob Streit.

Braden Barton & Zach Green man the camera, blocking the shot for Jeff Armstrong and Bob Streit.

Local Actor to play lead in film; Screening in Hollywood this week

The Herald-News | 08.09.2017


SIU student-made film “Unconditional” shot in 20 days

The Daily Egyptian | 09.04.2016

All it took was six months and 56 students to create a full-length feature film.

A group of SIU students and alumni held a private screening Saturday afternoon at the Liberty Theater in Murphysboro to show the feature film “Unconditional.”

Braden Barton, who wrote and directed the film before graduating in May with a bachelor’s degree in cinema and photography, recently moved to Los Angeles, where he works as a freelance filmmaker. But Barton, who was also the film’s cinematographer, made the trip back to southern Illinois for the screening. Check out the full interview here: https://dailyegyptian.com/58403/pulse/siu-student-made-film-unconditional-shot-in-20-days/

 Provided photo by T.J. Price. 

Provided photo by T.J. Price.